Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Charleston Itself

So we thought we would give you a little idea of what Charleston life is like. There is a lot of young people here mainly to do with the College of Charleston and a few smaller colleges in the area. Everyone is really friendly, especially when they find out we are Irish. Our colleagues have been great. They've help us out many times, from driving us places to just giving us advice. We can't thank them enough for making the move so easy. For all the next interns, you will be lucky to meet such a great group of people.

So life down here is very relaxed. Going out isn't a big deal. Shorts and flip flops will do, even for the ladies. It is mainly a bar scene with a few dance bars but is so fun. It's a great feeling leaving a bar and walking out to heat and not having to worry about your jacket.

Food is a big part of Charleston life. As we said in a previous post, McDonalds doesn't even exist around here. They are proud of their food and so they should be, it's excellent. You will not get a bad meal down here. The service is always great, and food comes in large portions, which the lads aren't complaining about. Charleston is known for its Southern food, like Grits and fried food and seafood. We've tried them all and have enjoyed them all.

The place is full of history. It is known as the Holy City and for good reason. There are so many churches and the skyline is dotted with steeples. Our apartment complex is in a great location just at the top of the historic district. We can walk down town in just 15 minutes and there is even a lot of activity and things to do around are area. Down by The Battery there are some magnificent houses and all the side streets produce more and more unique buildings. Every corner is different down here and you can sense the history. The houses are well maintained and mostly have large verandas where people rock on their rocking chairs.

Life down here is simple, relaxed and full of the good things in life. Anyone who has the pleasure of visiting Charleston will become in love with the city immediately, we know we have.

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