Saturday, July 23, 2011


Hi it's Meadhbh here just giving an update on my week in the housekeeping department at the Hampton Inn.

The housekeepers start work bright and early every morning to ensure that guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay.  On my first day I was introduced to the executive housekeeper, Toma, who explained the various roles in the housekeeping department which consisted of laundry attendant, room attendant and room inspector. I was assigned to work with a room attendant to show me how to turn over a room after a guest has checked out. I quickly learned how much work and effort goes into cleaning and preparing rooms for incoming guests.

For the next two days I was assigned to the laundry room where I was responsible for preparing the towels and linen for the room attendants. The Hampton Inn has 170 rooms so you can only imagine the amount of towels and sheets that had to be washed, dried and folded each day.

My last two days were spent inspecting the rooms that had been cleaned by the room attendants that morning. I was responsible for ensuring a bottle of water and a snack were placed in the room for the Hilton Diamond member guests, checking each room had adequate linen and towels as well as making sure the amenities of the room were in working order. It was great to have the opportunity to see the various room types within the hotel while working as a room inspector. This really helped me when I was asked questions about room features while I was working at the front desk.

Overall I really enjoyed my week working in the housekeeping department. It was interesting to see how the backend departments of the hotel work and how they support and greatly impact the guests experience at the hotel.

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